ATG Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH selects its employees based on clearly defined criteria:

  • All employees have an impeccable letter of good conduct and are qualified through additional security checks. All have a high level of professional competence, good computer skills, an affinity for electronic security systems, and they speak English.  

  • A neat appearance is a matter of course.  

  • We attach importance to a confident manner, resilience, teamwork and communication skills, friendliness, and goal-oriented actions.

  • CCI-approved protection and security teams are deployed to protect your property or site. Our employees receive additional training in fire prevention, first aid, x-ray inspections for receiving departments and incoming goods services, and radiation protection.  
  • About 70% of our employees are CCI certified protection and security personnel. In addition, five master level employees for protection and security currently work for the company.  
  • Employees involved in airport security have special qualifications that meet the high demands of this task.

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